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Audi A3.
Hello Big Boy.
Racetrack Ready.

High-performance engines, lightweight construction and racetrack-bred S tronic transmission make Audi A3 Sedan a driver's machine. The legendary Audi engineering springs into action the moment you step on the gas.


The Audi A3 35TDI is available with a 6-speed S tronic gearbox and the 40TFSI is available with a 7 Speed S tronic gearbox. The revolutionary S tronic transmission combines the responsiveness of a manual gearbox with the convenience of an automatic.

Lightweight champion.

While alumnium construction shaves off ounces of weight, high-strength steel at key places ensures maximum safety.

More for less.

Precisely the right amount of fuel and air are injected into the engine, making every drop count. Plus, the aluminium lightweight construction and efficient engine technology combined with the highly responsive S tronic transmission add to the overall efficiency of the car.

Power packed.

Comes with two high-performance engine options – the TDI with high-torque pulling power and the TFSI with faster 0 to 100 kmph ability. These power plants combined with the S tronic® transmission aid in the smooth delivery of uninterrupted power to the tarmac.


The Audi A3 Sedan is a well-connected machine. Whether it's entertainment, information or safety, you'll find every control at your fingertips.

Got your back.

Acoustic and visual parking aid helps maneuvering tight spaces comfortably.

Touch and go.

The intuitive Audi MMI® touch puts everything from entertainment to navigation a slight gesture away thanks to the responsive touchpad with search and retrieve functions and the sleek 7-inch auto retractable multimedia screen.

Loud and clear.

From the dashboard to the spare wheel well, a total of 10 speakers fitted all around produce 180 watts of pure acoustic pleasure.

Knows it all.

From showing phone control menu, radio frequency to recommending rest to the driver after monitoring steering and pedal usage, the 3.5-inch DIS display is everything a driver needs.

True sport.

From the front to the rear bumper, dynamic lines run across the Audi A3 Sedan lending it a sporty, athletic stance.

Sporty up front.

The signature Audi Singleframe® grille in the next big Audi makes an unmistakable statement about Audi's sport pedigree.

See it coming.

Whatever the light conditions, the LED daytime running lights ensure everyone knows what's coming their way.

Head turner.

The low roof dome coupled with the characteristic Tornado line, sharp side shoulder line and lower dynamic line lends the Audi A3 Sedan a wide, coupe-like stance.

Get comfortable.

Elegant dash design. Ultra-plush Milano leather seats. Individual temperature control and a panoramic sunroof. The Audi A3 Sedan is the only luxurious sedan of its kind in its category.

Take a seat.

Choose from a range of upholstery materials, textures and colours for unmatched comfort and style.

Twice as cool.

Air flow can be controlled using the new TT Inspired Jet turbine like AC Vents with sport and diffuse function. The sun-positioning sensor automatically regulates the interior temperature to the desired level.

Viewing room.

Large panoramic sunroof provides a sense of infinite space. And a plane-spotting view.

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Audi A3.
Hello Big Boy.